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July 24, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Open Positions/Volunteer Opportunities

Kingdom Seneschal – Successor Deputy

The job of Kingdom Seneschal is part CEO, part Dr Phil, and part janitor and it’s hard to describe. You are the ultimate autocrat for Kingdom events, you are the CEO of the Kingdom, you sign the contracts and the checks, and you are also responsible for the actions of the populace inasmuch as that affects the business side or good name of the organization. You might be counseling a citizen on their behavior one moment, running down the owner of a lost wallet the next, and then 3 hours in your phone looking up one sentence out of 300 emails and 6 policy documents, followed by helping take down tables from a feast which you paid for but missed eating because All the Things.

It’s characterized as a Peer-level job, but one need not be an SCA Peer to get the position.  In mundane terms, the Kingdom Seneschal is a Regional Vice President of Operations, and is an executive level role with a staff of direct reports who oversees the business operations of Trimaris.  This is a Hard Job with few rewards and many frustrations.  The Kingdom Seneschal reports to the Society Seneschal.

This job demands 10-20 hours a week online, handling questions, responding to comments, performing research, conducting negotiations of various kinds, and handling correspondence. At kingdom events, 23 hour availability by radio and phone.

The successful candidate also needs to have a stable job where they are able to take time off from their mundane employment: Fridays of Kingdom Events off, and to attend Gulf Wars and Panhandle Skirmishes. Attending Pennsic is not required but the ability to do so is a plus. Everywhere Trimarians go in numbers, you should plan to be present to advocate, promote, defend, and handle problems for (and from) the Trimarian people.

At present this job also requires the holder to have a personal credit card with a $1000+ monthly limit, to pay for kingdom expenses where the vendor requires card payment upfront.  Properly documented expenses generally get reimbursed within 60 days.

It would be very helpful to have your own paid Zoom account and Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription. A Level 2 SCA background check (same as for the Youth Ministry) is required, as is paid ‘blue card’ membership’.

Here are some attributes which the successful candidate will have.

  1. Be politically and personally acceptable to the Crown and the current Kingdom Seneschal.   Politically acceptable does not mean mundane political party affiliation. The Kingdom Seneschal should be free of any influencers in their household or the Kingdom. (in other words, don’t apply for this job because some peer put you up to it)
  2. Be able to communicate effectively and respectfully with persons at all levels from President of the Society to the mundane news media, to a child; in both writing and words.  You should have no fear of giving presentations or of public speaking and you should be able to accept sometimes harsh criticism of your actions while keeping your cool.
  3. Have sufficient spine and guts to be able to tell a King or their own Peer “No you won’t do that” to his face and enough track record of integrity and good work that the fallout from that won’t hurt your SCA career much.
  4. Have a background in nonprofit management, gained from some combination of education and experience.  10 years is a good number. Experience in project management is also super helpful. Having been a local group seneschal and a kingdom officer is more or less a requirement.  Having  leadership experience in mundane employment or other nonprofits would be very helpful, particularly if that experience is in the HR or Finance fields.
  5. Be able to chair Zoom, Teams and in person meetings effectively, managing a wide variety of personalities and not getting mad when the same dumb questions keep getting asked time after time.
  6. Must be proficient in Google and Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel/Google Sheets; and have an above-average understanding of how websites are hosted, managed, and administered.
  7. Have sufficient notoriety or word-fame in Trimaris, ‘everyone’ should know who you are and where you stand on matters important in the life of the Kingdom.  You do not need to be a native Trimarian but do need to be a Florida resident and live here year round.
  8. Have a deep knowledge of SCA Corpora, Kingdom Law, the SCA Sanctions and Investigations handbook, the SCA Seneschal’s Handbook, and the unwritten customs of Trimaris.
  9. Have some knowledge or experience with human resources/DEI/Discrimination laws and current trends.  The USF Muma DEI in the Workplace certification is helpful for this.
  10. Must be available by phone, text, Messenger, email, or US Mail on a daily basis.
  11. Have a strong enough relationship and support from significant other(s) that the demands of this position don’t negatively affect home life.

The application period is open from January 1, 2024 through March 10, 2024 and the new successor deputy would begin onboarding at Spring Coronation.  Applications should consist of

(a) a letter of intent

(b) a SCA resume

(c) a mundane resume

(d) any relevant transcripts such as the completion of or the USF DEI courses

[e] proof of paid SCA membership.

The term of office is November 10th 2024 through November 10th, 2026.

Application packets should be sent to, RE: application for successor kingdom seneschal

Deputy Seneschal – Calendar & Events – Successor Deputy

The Deputy Seneschal for Calendar and Events maintains the official calendar for the Kingdom of Trimaris and ensures that the calendar is accurate and consistent on all Trimaris  information channels (Talewinds, Facebook, Discord, and Website) Primary responsibilities of this deputy include receiving event requests, coordinating calendar information with Kingdom Officers and local seneschals and event autocrats, and verifying that required information has been published by event deadlines for Talewinds and the kingdom website; then updating the kingdom calendar on and with the Chronicler’s Office. Additionally, the Calendar & Events Deputy educates event autocrats & local group seneschals on event-related deadlines and provides links to helpful information (ie. event handbooks, etc). Full job description and qualifications here.

To apply, email a cover letter with SCA and mundane resume (MS Word or PDF) to Starosta Tomas mac Odhrain, by March 1, 2024.

Deputy Seneschal – Kingdom Social Media Officer – Successor

Job Description and Duties The scope of this office is fairly extensive in that the Social Media Officer must ensure that the Social Media Policy is adhered to on all Official Social Media outlets within the Kingdom of Trimaris. Among the duties of this office are the tracking of Kingdom pages and groups created, monitoring that they are properly moderated and managed by local group social media or web ministers, and managing the deputies for the Kingdom Tiktok, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, and any other official social media outlets. The KSMO also manages the Trimaris Populace group on Facebook and is the final call on any submissions in the group.  Other duties include: helping with local groups training on the use of social media outlets, creation of social media advertisements when requested, content creation when requested, and other media-related duties. The position is currently a deputy under the Webminister and has a quarterly report to the Society Social Media Officer. If you are interested in applying to be the successor deputy to the Kingdom Social Media officer, please send a letter of interest that includes your SCA resume, a brief blurb on why you would like to join the team, and any relevant mundane experience to

This job was posted 1/10/2024 (T.O.O. policy). All applications will be copied to the KSEN. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message through either FB Messenger (Kris Brock) or Discord (Gudrun). In Service to the Dream, Honorable Lady Gudrun in Raudharr.