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June 21, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Laureates of Trimaris

The subject matter of all Laureate competitions must be either a theme from pre-1600 history or an “SCA ambiance” theme. The composition and performance of documentable pre-17th century historical forms and styles are strongly encouraged. See the Rules of the Laureate Competitions for more information.


Original songs (both melody and lyrics) performed solo by the author (with or without instrumentation), held twice a year, currently at Spring and Fall Coronation. Filks are not eligible for entry into Troubadour Laureate.

In addition, in 2022, we began a “Toubadour” book – taking after the long lauded Poetry book, that our original compositions might live beyond us. The bearer also guards the Bardic Staff and Belled-Baldric of the Troubadour Laureate. 


Solo performance for entrants ages 5-17, held twice a year, currently at Spring and Fall Coronation. Any form of performance art is permitted and may be an original work or not.

The youth’s parents must ensure the Youth Belled-Baldric find it’s way safely to the next competition.


Original poetry performed solo by the author, held twice a year, currently at Spring and Fall Crown Tourney.

We have a Original Poetry Book, created decades ago (and still going!) that holds the wealth of our Poet’s passions. Add yours to it’s worthy number. The victor also bears the Belled-Baldric of the Poet Laureate.


Traditionally, Masque Laureate is held twice a year, currently at Spring and Fall Crown Tourney. Group performances are welcome, as are solo performances. Material need not be original, but the original pieces are permitted by solo artists if accompanied by an instrument. A number of performance options are possible.

The victor bears the Belled-Baldric til next the competition finds a new and worthy artisan.


The Jongleur Laureate competition is held twice a year, currently at Kingdom Art-Sci and Trimaris Royal University.

Brief documentation of the piece you perform, noting a particular time, place, author and title, will be required to determine eligibility of the entrants but will not be used to judge performance and thus the victor of this competition.  (FYI, Entrants have LITERALLY written this on a napkin after Googling right before a competition. YOU CAN TOO!) 
An example of acceptable Documentation for this Performance Assessed Competition: (For this competition – No more is required. No full fledged paper. Just a siting of where you found the period piece, who wrote it when/where, and the title – as, even long gone, we give credit where credit is due ❤ )
Title: Angelica Bilta
When Written: Mid to Late 14th Century (Landini lived 1325-1397)
By Whom: Francesco Landini
Where: Florence, Italy
My Source:…/Angelica_bilt%C3%A0_(Francesco…
…That’s it… ❤

In addition, in 2023, we began a “Jongleur” book – so that in time we will have a plethora of period pieces, and where to find them, with which to color the culture of our evening bardic circles.

Email for more information.

For more details about the Laureate competitions, check out: Rules of the Laureate>>