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June 21, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Quarterly Chatelaine Officer Report

    Chatelaine Quarterly Reports are due on the 1st of March, June, September and December

    Do you need assistance or have something that worked out well for you?

    List all classes taught locally and at events for Newcomers

    List any Demos you or your group participated in during this quarter

    Do you have any Good Things to report?

    Do you have any upcoming demos or anything you are trying differently?

    Have you encountered any problems with your office? Have the issues been resolved? If so, how? If not, would you like assistance with the problem?

    How many new paid members joined your group in the last quarter? (estimated)

    How many new unpaid members have begun participating with your group? (estimated)

    How many contacts and prospects contacted you in the last quarter?

    How many new contacts and prospects were brought in by other people in your group?