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September 25, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

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Title Name
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences ***Deputies Wanted Duchess Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode, OL, OP, OR
Actively Seeking Successor Deputies (Jan 2025) | Trish Kvamme
Available 9am-9pm only
A&S Exposition Fair Deputies
(Four Art Sci Expositions a Year – Coronations & Crowns)
Baroness Birna Isleifsdottir & HL Guillermo de Cervantes
2023-2025 Jan | Gypsey Teague & Richard Sullivan
Chancellor of the Laureate Art Sci Deputy  Duchess Cerric Eld Veghandi, OR, OC
2022-2024 Jan | Cherish Erin Thomas
HOW TO ENTER Trimaris Laureate Competitions (Performing Arts) >>
Successor Deputy: Mistress Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
TRU Chancellor Art Sci Deputy
Trimaris Royal University
Mistress Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse, OL
Actively Seeking Successor Deputies Nov 2023 | Mia Reeves
Visit | Trimaris Royal University TRU >>
K. Website Deputy – Art Sci Support
Web Admin for Art Sci Online Resources
Mistress Ambra Michelli, OL
Warrant Sept 2023-2025 | Samantha Moore

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Kingdom Art Sci Deputy Resources:

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Group Art-Sci Officer – Ministers of Arts and Sciences Resources:

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Additional Populace Resources:

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