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June 21, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power



Brewing Enthusiasts of Trimaris
Mistress Aibinn ingen Artain O.L. (Called Navah)
FB Group for Medieval Brewing Enthusiasts of Trimaris >>

Trimaris Cook’s Guild
Mistress  Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly (Wolfmom)

MKA Dianna Wyndalan
FB Group for Trimaris Cooks’ Guild >>
Trimaris Cooks’ Guild – Website >>

(A Gulf Wars Field-side Fighter+ Feeding Program
– Donations and Volunteers Encouraged!)

Mistress Mairi Ceilidh
MKA Jancie Johnston ter Louw on FB

Trimarian Perfumer’s Group
Duchess Cerric Eldveghandi
MKA Cherish Erin Thomas
FB Group for all those interested in Perfuming! Soap & Candle Makers Welcome! >>

Trimarian Perfumer’s Group
Honorable Lady Drahomira Kova’ Ova’MKA Cherish Erin Thomas
MKA Lisa Batsch-Smith
FB Group for all those interested in Herbcraft! >>


The Scribes Guild of Trimaris
Mistress Maol Mide ingen Meadra

MKA Kristen Gilpen
Website for Trimaris Scribes Guild >>
FB Group for Trimaris Scribes >>


The Honorable Company of Seamstresses & Tailors
Countess Marcia Dulcitia
MKA Elizabeth Bair
FB Group for Costuming: The Honorable Company of Seamstresses & Tailors >>

Trimaris Fiber Arts and Embellishment (Embroidery+)
Mistress Milesenda de Bourges
Lana Tessler
FB Group for Fiber Arts and Embellishment >>


Trimarian Lampworker (Glass)
HL Stefanina da Lucca
MKA Christina Fowler
FB Group for Trimarian Lampworkers >>

Trimarian Glassworkers’ Guild
Baroness Thyri Bersi
MKA Melissa Karels
FB Group for Trimarian Glassworkers’ Guild >>

Trimarian Mailler’s Guild (All Things Chainmail)
Lord Brendan Ackborn
MKA Bill Weston

Trimarian Moneyers
Sir Sayf Al-Dawla Bin-Arslan Al-Rumi
FB Group for Trimarian Moneyers >>

Triskele Tradecrafter’s Guild
(Fire, Metal, Wood, Leather, Glass, Jewelry)
Baron Gavin McFergus and Jarl Valbrandr
Ron McCormick and Nathan Thomas
FB Group for Triskele Tradecrafter’s Guild >>

Trimaris Repousse Arts
Duchess Cerric Eldveghandi
MKA Cherish Erin Thomas
FB Group for Trimaris Repousse >>


Chancellor of the Laureate (Performing Arts)
FB Group for Music and Performing Arts in Trimaris >>

Trimaris Choral Performance
Mistress Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
FB Group for Trimaris Choral >>

Trimaris Company of the Performing Arts
Theater & Performing Arts Guild

Active Deans: Master John Littleton & Maitresse Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse
FB Group for TCPC >>


And if you are still hungry, check out our Kingdom Art Sci Expo activities!

Trimaris Expo FB Group >>
Be in the Know for your Kingdom A&S Expositions that take place at every Crown and every Coronation Kingdom event!

100 Day Art Sci Challenge >>
Looking for a group or individual challenge? This is open to all! Be the next to make your 100 days of A&S focused fun – just 15 minutes a day counts toward your goal! Share & inspire.