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September 25, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Art-Sci Pre-reg Form

This is the pre-registration form for Kingdom Art/Sci Faire entries. All entries must be pre-17th Century. Sourced documentation may include works from and before 1650 that reference a pre-17th Century origin. Entries that date later than 1650 CE will not be judged. A reminder that entrants who have multiple entries, MUST complete a separate registration for each entry. This is to ensure proper and complete registration within our tracking system.


All other entrants will need to provide their own judging forms in triplicate the morning of the event at check in. If you do not meet the pre-registration window, please email to alert the KMOAS  you’ll need table space. There is NO guarantee we will have your specific form on file, in triplicate for your judges so please do not depend on it. Fortune favors the prepared.

And finally, all entrants must provide their full SCA name at the time of registration. This is to aid our scribes with any scrolls or awards that will be administered. All judging forms are listed as anonymous entries and are identified by the Art-Sci ID # only.

    (Your mundane birthday and initials. For example: William Shakespeare - 04/23/1564 = ID# 042364WS)

    Additional Notes or Comments