Recent Kingdom Notes

July 24, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Office of the Chatelaine

What is a Chatelaine?

The main focus of a Chatelaine is to help bring new participants into the SCA and retain our existing members.  It’s a dynamic role that’s vital to helping the SCA change and grow with the times by interpreting the needs of new and existing members and helping to craft an experience that meets those needs.

We teach people about our customs, help them find activities and introduce them to our members and activities, helping forge hobbies and relationships that can last a lifetime.

We also work with outside community groups, coordinating educational demonstrations at conventions, schools, medieval and renaissance fairs and other activities.


Title Name
Kingdom Chatelaine HL Sorcha na tri abhainn
Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine – Education Baron James Highgate
Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine – Southern Deputy Honorable Lady Cera Wricht

Links of Interest for New Participants

Links of Interest for Local Group Chatelaines